Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100 Camera Review

Finding a good 4K camera within a lower price range can be exceedingly difficult, with the common occurrence being that you sometimes sacrifice one for the other in terms of quality and affordability. With the release of Panasonic’s LUMIX ZS100 though, it succeeds in fulfilling your two-fold dreams in a small and very portable camera.

As a testament to that fact and degree of likeability, it is currently sold out on most online stores—that is how much this camera is in demand.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100 Camera Review

Once you own it, however, you’ll find your wildest imaging and video needs fulfilled. Sporting a high end and virtually unmatched Leica DC lens, you’ll be shooting videos and images at a level you never even thought possible. The power and quality the LUMIX ZS100 offers is matched only by your imagination and creativity.

Made especially for people who want to get into the 4K scene without spending an exorbitant amount on a good camera, the LUMIX ZS100 is a great choice for a starter 4K camera that puts 4K-resolution imaging and video shooting within the reach of many.


  • 9 MP megapixel imaging fulfilled within 1 large 1” MOS sensor; delivers brighter and more colorful stills and frames with the fewest image artifacts possible; get higher quality photos and clips from a camera that is smaller and more compact
  • 10x (25-250mm) fully integrated Leica DC lens with standard optical zoom performance with a wide aperture of F/2.8-5.9 for the most impressive background defocus effects; shoot at a quality unmatched by most counterparts in the same MP range
  • 4K UHD video recording at your fingertips plus an exclusive 4K post focus photo capture feature; allows extended image and frame editing within the camera itself
  • Integrated eye-level EVF (electronic viewfinder) and built-in touch-enabled LCD for impressive and innovative control that’s always within reach
  • Innovative lens-mounted control ring amounts to an almost DSLR-like experience in terms of focus adjusting and overall exposure control, while expressing point-and-shoot functions in a more compact and handy camera
  • Maximum image resolution of 5472 x 3648; video recording resolutions at ProRes UHD 3840 x 2160p viable at 24 and 30 fps; full HD 1920 x 1080p viable at 24, 30 and 60 fps; HD 1280 x 720p viable at 30 fps; and standard 640 x 480p at 30 fps


Aside from being a more economical choice than most 4K cameras on the market today, the LUMIX ZS100 features a wealth of innovations, some native to Panasonic itself.

With these technologies, Panasonic shows that it is a true big player in the world of cameras dominated by the likes of Canon and Nikon. The LUMIX ZS100 features a 1” MOS sensor fully capable of 20.9 MP imaging.

The results are high-quality stills and clips that are brighter and livelier than most counterparts, owing many thanks to the inclusion of a very valuable and high-end Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens.

This lens has an aperture of F/2.8-5.9, an effective focal length (EFL) of 25-250mm and various zooms ranging from optical, intelligent and digital. In terms of the power inside them, these Leica DC lenses are unparalleled in their quality for the 20.9 MP ranges.

The LUMIX ZS100 features 4K UHD recording in the form of ProRes UHD 3840 x 2160p with a maximum of 30 fps. As far as lightweight cameras go, this is an impressive feat, made possible by the inside schematics that allow the processor to be as powerful as possible, without taking much space.

The LUMIX ZS100 also comes with Panasonic’s very own 4K post focus photo capture innovation, which allows you to fix and readjust focus on the dot. The camera also allows for an integrated eye-level EVF (electronic viewfinder) which is great for more in-depth and specific focusing, while also sporting a touch-enabled LCD for more integrated viewing and focusing capabilities.

The LUMIX ZS100 also allows for overall integrated exposure and focus control which is made possible by mounting the control ring on the lens itself, much like you would experience in a DSLR. The image resolution maxes out at a 4K level of 5472 x 3648p, while additional options for full HD and standard HD are available for video recording.


The most common problems associated with this 4K-capable camera is the fact that the sharpness is not that great when it comes to taking photos. Also, the lack of a real storage unit for your 4K videos (which tend to be as large as 250GB for 20-30 minutes) will be a problem. So far, the largest micro SD available is only 128GB, so you will have to make do with that in terms of shooting videos.

4K Camera Conclusion

It might not be as high end as other 4K cameras, but for people who are not professionals and only want to experience 4K resolutions, the LUMIX ZS100 is a good and cost-efficient choice.

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