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Top 5 Best Night Owl 4k Camera System Review 2023

Night Owl 4k Camera SystemA camera system every household must have on its installation list. For those of you home-owners who don’t believe in human guards, indeed, this era shouldn’t!

In times of cyber-crimes, human guards don’t make sense. Whether it’s a shop on the street corner or your house, Night Owl is a smart and trustworthy guard.

Your home light to be equipped with the latest and most elegant matures in the market. And if they’re available at an excellent gadget price, why not?

Night Owl 4k camera system isn’t merely a choice of home-owners. It is an option for shop owners and even banks too! It offers so many unique features that you will not hesitate to bring in a little extra surveillance at such a low price.

It is reliable, durable, and has straight forward options. You can learn the use and live tracking so quickly and master usage on phones and tablets too.

From facial recognition, human detection to excellent night vision with google assistant compatibility, Night Owl 4k camera system is a know-it-all.

You can efficiently connect them with other devices and track videos on your phone. You can choose between the digital or network video recorders.

These high-tech cameras have decent viewing wide angles and vivid night vision. It has top-quality sensors and excellent sound.

Many admire them for being a non-china brand since everyone needs a variety of markets to choose from! The camera resolutions are from 1080p to 4k, which is the best you can be offered.

However, choosing a set out of such a variety in the market can be too challenging, and in this article, it provides you with all the knowledge you need, plus a summary of reviews.

You will know how to choose an excellent security camera and what to consider. If you already haven’t made up your mind, check out the buying guide below and match the features to our top 5 picks!

Top 5 Best Night Owl 4k Camera System

Night Owl Home Security Camera System
(Editor’s Choice)
Dual Sensor Technology with Real-Time motion alerts
Night Owl 4K Ultra HD Home Security SystemW2 Fusion Hybrid Technology
Night Owl Ultra HD 4K Security Camera System Human Detection Technology
Night Owl 4K Ultra HD Security SystemRapid Image Detection Technology
Night Owl 4K W2 Fusion Hybrid Security SystemL2 Color Boost Technology


1.  Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System-Top Rated

Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera SystemThis is a set of 4, connected in a wired connection, to up to 8 cameras. The resolution is either 4k or 1080p, both of which are super clear. This night owl 4k camera system is one with unique features and clear night vision.

The result is super-clear, and the sensors are luxurious. It is ideal for both indoor use and outdoor settings. For even better results, it also has an L2 colour-boost technology for better night vision.

You can view a distance of up to a hundred feet with ease. With an 80 degree field of view, you can tune the camera however it suits you. You can record with no worries, without a need to pay for recording access.

Also, no internet is required for recording. This Night Owl 4k camera system is a DVR with dual sensor technology. This means you get real motion alerts with no fake notifications confusing you on the go.

A range from 4 to 8 wired cameras is merely fantastic and rare. Although DVR settings are complicated and some users have issues with angle settings, the controls are mostly straightforward. It is better to view the recordings on a UHD monitor for the best results from this camera system.

Many complain about the wired cameras. However, the signals are better than many wireless ones. It is the best mid-range choice if you’re looking for a nice night owl 4k camera system for your home.

  • Clear UHD result
  • Easy recordings access
  • Good signals
  • Dual sensor technology
  • Restricted angle settings



2.  Night Owl 4K Ultra HD Home Security Camera System-Best Rated

Night Owl Home Security Camera System with 4 Wired 4KThis product is a set of  4 wired cameras with strong signals. This night owl 4k camera system shoots in amazing colours and an exact result with the UHD resolution. The better the resolution is, the more perfect features like face detection can be.

Since 4k videos are much larger and take up high storage, this night owl 4k camera system offers 1 TB. This limit is undoubtedly less than the previous cameras, and so is this product’s purpose.

This CCTV is more preferred for indoor use. However, it’s made for both indoor and outdoor. You can use it at a shopping mall just as easily as at home doors.

The weight and size are also less compared to the top pick. This is because this model is a mid-range one and undoubtedly gives you the best performance.

The dual sensor technology combines heat sensors and motion sensors. There are various customisation options with the camera system itself and the night owl app as well.

This security camera system is also equipped with a W2 fusion hybrid technology. This means you can also connect a Night Owl 1080p HD camera without any wires.

Though it doesn’t entirely support wireless format, the “hybrid” technology adds this feature. This can help you avail the benefit of both the mechanisms.

This feature can increase your camera’s coverage to a large extent. Thus, it is a flexible device because of such dual-purpose options. If you’re looking for a device that can safeguard you while you sleep in peace, you’ve read its specs already.

  • Hybrid technology
  • Dual sensor
  • Customisation options
  • Lower hard drive memory



3.  Night Owl Ultra HD 4K Video Home Security Camera System-Best for the Money

Night Owl CCTV Video Home Security Camera System with 10 Wired 4K Ultra HDThis night owl 4k camera system is set of 10 wired cameras. It’s bigger than any other package at a reasonable price. You can call it a wholesome package with the best features and value for money.

Although the basic specs state a capacity of 10 cameras, you can expand it to a limit of 12. This option gives you more area and flexibility. If you’re finding a set for business purposes, a shopping area, or a restaurant: give this one a try!

It has a big hard drive of 2 TB, which is sufficient for 4k data. With an ultra HD resolution, the security is reliable. Since an essential need is a nightlight, this night owl 4k camera system has excellent night vision.

You must be aware of Night Owl’s brand name and customer base. But if you’re not, this product will make you one of those loyal customers.

It has smart human detection technology that blocks false alert notifications from your device. It has a unique 2-step verification system that uses a sign to secure the camera.

The new anti-theft technology offers security for the device itself. What more can a conscious owner wish for! This is the best out of the list you’re reading right now. It is equipped with every luxury, from Facial Capture that instantly sends a snapshot to your phone to free remote viewing. If you’re interested in how this compares to other security systems, you might find gw security user experiences insightful for a different perspective.

At the human motion, you’ll see spotlights activation as a notification. The cameras are weather-resistant and record at a full-colour level even at night.

  • Anti-theft technology
  • Motion-activated spotlights
  • Facial Capture
  • Good night vision
  • No live streaming because of battery-powered cameras



4.  Night Owl 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD Wired Security System

Night Owl 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD Wired Security NVR with 2TB Hard DriveThis one is an NVR type camera system from Night Owl. Many demands for a wider variety in NVR rather than DVR, so for those: here’s the one.

These multi-purpose IP cameras have built-in microphones for better audio recording. The recording voice is evident, and there is an extra layer of security, leaving no lacks in this system.

This is a device with almost every possible security feature and detection technology. It has 100 feet of night vision that are only activated when needed. It has an L2 colour-boost technology that captures detailed colours in 4k even at night.

File transfer is so speedy that you can quickly receive anything anytime, remote and free. The quality of compression is fantastic and takes no time at all. You can expect easy and rapid sending of recordings even at lower bitrates and speed.

It vanishes all false threats like notifications for rain or wind. This night owl 4k camera system immediately sends push notifications and alerts to your connected device on real human motion.

The NVR provides 8 PoE ports (power over ethernet) for audio, video, and power using ethernet cables. Overall, this camera system is super fast and speedy. You can use google assistant and connect your smartphone very easily.

One drawback or light lack is the unavailability of two-way audio. Many expect two-way audio as a multi-purpose option for alerts and even communicating with someone at the door. This product, unfortunately, does not offer that!

  • L2 ColourBoost technology
  • Rapid Image Detection
  • An extra layer of security
  • Quick at sending recordings
  • Does Not support 2-way audio



5.  Night Owl 6-Channel 6-Camera 4K W2 Fusion Hybrid Security System

Night Owl 6-Channel 6-Camera 4K W2 Fusion Hybrid Security System with 1TB HDD DVRThis is a six-channel device, which means from a minimum of four up to a max of six cameras can be connected through wires.

This number of camera systems is less but acceptable for the price offered. Also, because this device’s purpose is mainly for home-owners, the limit was kept low.

However, since we’re pretty much aware of the expertise in various features that Night Owl offers, it isn’t just a home-use device.

It is hybrid, which means it is equipped with the W2 fusion hybrid technology. You can wirelessly connect another camera to the system. There are two 1080p wireless cameras provided in the pack for this purpose.

One feature that lacked in the previous option on our list is two-way audio. Thankfully, this device offers a two-way audio transmission, and you can send your voice the other way. This means it can also be alternatively used as an intercom!

This 4k indoor/outdoor purpose CCTV system has 1 TB storage. It would need a micro SD but initially would work adequately for a good time. Internal storage is always better than just depending on a microSD card. It is a DVR device, like most of Night Owl’s systems.

Fully equipped with Facial recognition and human detection technology, this system is overkill for your home. For better recording at night, it has colour-boost technology.

The dual sensor technology is highly customisable. It has everything the buying guide below will recommend you.

  • Two-way audio
  • Hybrid technology
  • Colour-boost technology
  • A low number of channels than others



The Substantial components to look at – Buying Guide.

Low-light performance:

Night vision and low-light performance are crucial factors to notice for a security camera. In bright light conditions, every camera can perform well.

However, more colourful and detailed recording at night is crucial to keep an eye on thieves. Look for an excellent night vision and a 4k resolution, which is ideal for this purpose.

Aperture is one camera feature that adds details even in dimly lit areas. This way, you can have a better recording of what’s happening. Look for a wide aperture. Another feature is the colour-boost technology.

In night owl cameras, L2 ColourBoost technology is something that fulfils. This feature helps the system record videos with more colour, even in dim light conditions.

There is also a further specification about the amount of distance the night vision mechanisms cover. If you need the perfect night owl 4k camera system, look for the most considerable distance.

The farther you can see, even in dim lights, the better you can take care of your family’s security. It is better if your system is intelligent and can switch its settings to detect low light or day time.

This feature is crucial because the same amount of details night vision provides are not needed during the daytime. In good light, the camera would automatically perform well without night vision.

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Sensors and Motion Detection:

Sensors are a key feature in a security camera. Features like Facial recognition and human detection are crucial in a security camera. These are based on sensors. The better the sensors, the better these features perform.

In the night owl 4k camera system, the dual sensor technology combines heat and motion sensors. It also lets you customise motion zones. Motion detection is the detection of a human presence.

Some cameras in the night owl 4k camera system activate a spotlight upon detection. The spotlight alarm is a necessary feature, and if absent, the system isn’t a fully-equipped security system.

Motion detection sensors lose their efficiency soon at times. Hence, the durability of the sensors and detection technology is a significant matter. Sometimes the motion detection works too mindlessly, and you receive a notification even if a branch on-site has moved.

Such notifications aren’t very pleasant and can cause you to either stop notifications or switch the whole system! Therefore, choose a smart system and don’t send unnecessary alerts to worry you for nothing.

Storage facility:

CCTVs either have internal storage (in case of the night owl: 1-2 TB) or require a microSD to store. It is better to look for a system with internal storage but allows a micro SD card.

On the contrary, buying a system with no internal storage and just a microSD option is handicapping your security system. Speciality in 1080p to 4k quality, look for the highest memory possible.

Night owl’s systems offer cloud storage, which means you can access your data anytime with wifi-connectivity.  Another alternative can be compatibility with cloud storage.

Since there is widespread use of cloud storage for various data types, it is ideal if your security camera system also allows keeping backup on cloud storage.

Camera Resolution:

Usually, security cameras are lower than 1080p if you require them for indoor purposes. However, for more lengthy outdoor pursuits, you do need 1080p or 4k. In reality, there isn’t a security camera with a pure 4k resolution.

The reality is that 4k resolution recordings would be so heavy and troublesome that internal storage would not be good.

Thus, look for 1080p or 4k but keep in mind that a max of 1080p will be purely available. Better camera resolution records detailed videos and lets you zoom in to the happenings easily.

Some people would prefer a lower resolution camera over 1080 primarily because the lower resolutions cost less and seem budget-friendly. However, this may be the stupidest decision you take!

A 720p camera would not only have a lower image quality but weaker motion sensors too. The clearer the camera result is, the better your system will track motion. In a lower resolution camera,

you’ll end up with several push notifications on your phone, with hardly one making real sense. There are many options that the night owl 4k camera system offers for a better resolution and lower price.


This detail specifies how the sensors and camera system will be connected to the primary control. A wired connection is just as stable as a wireless (or wifi) one. People prefer the wireless form because of better signals.

It is superb if you find a wireless system with the right price and features offered. However, with the Night Owl 4k camera system, you can expect strong signals even with the wired connection.

There is also a hybrid technology that Night Owl offers. This option means you can connect some cameras wirelessly, while the others stay connected through cables.

Choosing the right security camera is half done if you’ve chosen the Night Owl 4k camera system. Whether you’re out of the city while your children sleep home-alone, or you’re inside not keeping the watch for a bit, these security systems do the work. You need to look for the right features and details.

The specs are not complex at all. Your purpose largely determines your choice, but affordability won’t be an issue. While choosing a security camera, speed is a key factor. The transmission speed of the recordings, the rate of sensors to detect and respond, all this should be in mind.

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