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Lorex VS Swann Security Cameras Comparison 2023

Lorex VS Swann Security Cameras Comparison 2021

Lorex Camera vs. Swan

Home security is one of the essential things in our lives. Ensuring that the place we live in is safe and protected brings a huge relief in our lives.

The home security camera system provides you that security and safety and relieves us of the constant worry.

Home security camera system serves many purposes. It helps deter the criminals, and even if a crime does happen, you can have the video evidence.

You can check in on your family and pets, and these security camera systems are also very reliable.

Two such security camera systems are Lorex and Swann 4K HD.

These are a reliable source of protection and safety for your home and office. In the following article, we have reviewed these cameras in detail.

Read the article to know about these security cameras, and see which one do you like better:

Lorex 4K HD Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Security System (In-Depth Review)

 Lorex 4K HD camera has all the qualities you might ask for. It is built using low-light technology that provides color night vision. It weighs only 24 pounds. The 4K security camera provides increased resolution and brilliant results. The picture quality is brilliant, so you can easily rely on it for your comfort and safety.

Lorex 4K HD camera has in-built infrared LEDs along with IR night vision up to 150 ft. This color night vision feature provides increased clarity at night, especially when the ambient lighting is present. It means you will get a clear picture of all the activities taking place outside your residence.

These security cameras also have a motion-activated LED warning light that works as active deterrence.

The remotely triggered sign provides an additional level of security. This camera is based on BNC connectivity technology. It has been built with advanced motion detection technology.

This feature is present in all cameras and operates in different categories. It has a person/vehicle detection which gets activated only when a person or a vehicle is detected. You receive a notification from this security system every time a person or a vehicle moves. It does not send you notifications when tree branches or animals move. This feature saves so much of your time and cuts off the hassle. If you’re contemplating other security system options, you may find it useful to weigh the gw security pros and cons to make a more informed decision.

Another excellent feature of this camera is its weatherproof Ethernet connecter, and the metal housing protects it from damage. The protective metal coating increases the durability of this camera, making it last much longer. It also makes it reliable for different temperatures and harsh weather.

It will work efficiently in all kinds of weather, including rain, storm, and snow. It can also withstand temperatures ranging between -40 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lorex security camera is black, so in the dark, it is hardly visible during the night. Dimensions of this security camera are 15.91 x 14.25 x 14.17 inches.


Swann Home Security Camera System (In-Depth Review)

4K resolution camera by Swann is one of the best security cameras for homes. This camera provides you complete surveillance as it can see faces, labels on boxes, logos on clothing, different close-ups, and even the vehicle number plates in its 4K/3840 x 2160 pixels ultra HD. The camera is provided additional support and safety due to its construction style. It operates perfectly in snow, wind, rain, and hot environment.

Apart from high resolution, this camera has a 90-degree viewing angle as well. It has a night vision up to 130 ft. in black and white and color up to 32 ft. The colored feature is in a bright sensor warning light. Furthermore, this Swann security camera can also detect warm moving objects such as cars and people. It automatically triggers recording and pushes notifications so you can prevent any unwanted activity by acting immediately.

This professional-quality DVR security system also reduces stress and saves your time by giving fewer false alarms. It gives reliable information and triggers. This security camera also allows you to select a specific area within the image from recording, and you can zoom in on it to continue your search.

Swann security camera also gives you free storage without ongoing charges. This security system provides you reliable home, office, and retail protection at all times and days. Once you have installed this system at the desired location, you should not worry about your security as it will provide you video evidence of all times.

It has a 2TB hard drive, so you can easily store months of video footage of 2 channels. All this video and still data are stored in the cloud by linking your DVD to your Dropbox Account. This way, the data remains safe, and you do not have to worry about the storage either.

Dimensions of this Swann security camera are 17.3 x 12.5 x 11.8 inches.

Another latest feature about this camera is that you can speak to it because of its Alexa-enabled intelligent devices such as echo spot, echo Show, and 4K Fire TV. This feature is also compatible with Chromecast and Google Assistant. All you need to say is, “Alexa, show me my front door,” and it will.

Now enjoy the security of your house in the palm of your hands with live streaming from multiple sites and multiple cameras.

It also provides you playback videos and sends push notifications and other information directly on your phone if you have the Swann Security app on your mobile.

Last but not least, the Swann security camera package includes everything you need, making it convenient for you to install the camera and keep your residence safe.

The package has a mouse, stickers, cables and all the required accessories. In case of any mishap, your Swann security camera has a 12 month backup by Computer Operating System Windows, Android, Mac OS Internet Viewing Swann Security App handheld device 3G/4G Smartphones and tablets.

Our security is the most important thing to us, and the Swann security camera provides us excellent security 24/7. It is a reliable and durable device. It provides you peace of mind in all aspects. Once this system is installed, it will take care of your family, pets, and house. It will provide you free local recording for up to 180 days. All the data is stored on a 2TB hard drive which you can also save if you want to, but if the space gets filled, the system overwrites previous records. Videos are also uploaded on your DropBox.

Swann’s security camera system also saves your money by cutting down the expense of hiring too many security guards. The versatile features and sensitivity to warmth and moving subjects make it a perfect security device. This expandable Ultra HD security system works efficiently for homes, offices, retail shops, and small businesses.

It identifies the fine details, recognizes number plates of vehicles, persons, and even tattoos. It provides the 1080p full HD resolution. Swann security camera package includes 4K cameras x 8, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, eight-channel DVR with 3TB hard drive, BNC cables 60 ft./ 18m x 8, Mouse, power adapter & splitter, quick start guide, theft deterrent stickers, and mounting screws and plugs. This entire package makes it extremely easy to install this security system.

Swann security camera weighs only 0.64 pounds. It is a sturdy product that lasts for a long time. Its metal coating makes it resistant to all kinds of harsh weather without disrupting its function.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Swann Security cameras need internet?

Swann 4K security cameras require internet to work. Some cameras are wireless so they connect wirelessly, while others are wired and use cable to transmit internet connection.

  1. Do Swann cameras record all the time?

 Yes, Swann cameras record all the time and store data in your hard drive.

  1. Are Swann cameras any good?

 Yes, Swann 4K security cameras are very reliable and last for a long time.

  1. Are Lorex security cameras reliable?

 Lorex security cameras are very reliable and last up to 4 months. They have a metallic body that can withstand all kinds of weathers.

  1. Which camera is better, Swann or Lorex?

Swann security cameras are better than Lorex cameras because they have huge data storage space and work more efficiently than the Lorex ones.

  1. Will Swann cameras work with Lorex?

 Swann cameras cannot work with Lorex camera because their compatibility does not match. Swann cameras only work with analog CCTV cameras.

 Conclusion Lorex VS Swann (Which one is Best)

Our security and safety are fundamental, and security camera systems help us with it. They let us live our lives, carry on day-to-day tasks without worrying about burglars, criminals, and other safety issues. They also cut the cost of hiring multiple security guards for our protection.

Lorex and Swann security cameras are the best security cameras that have an excellent resolution. These cameras are reliable and last for a long time. Swann security camera, in particular, comes with huge storage space and stores all our data, both in still form and videos as well. You can be linked to this camera and control its movement by installing the Swann app on your mobile phone.

These cameras can differentiate between the movement of vehicles and persons. Swann camera can also identify number plates, logon on clothes, and tattoos. These features make the recording process much simpler and more accessible, cutting down the hassle of identifying the faces yourself.

As far as the security of your home, office, or business is concerned, Lorex 4K and Swann 4K security cameras are the best ones. These work brilliantly at night, and their other features make them stand apart from other security cameras. The color night vision technology aids in clear footage recording at night time. All these qualities make them excellent security system cameras, and if you are confused about the brand, these are what you should buy.

We are hopeful this article will be helpful to you in choosing a security system for yourself. In the comments, let us know what you think about both cameras and which one you have decided to buy. Thank you for reading.

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