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Lorex Security Camera System Reviews

Lorex Security Camera System ReviewsA renowned brand needs such subtle recognition. Lorex has a history and is a renowned brand. Undoubtedly it is the first choice of most home and office owners for security purposes.

You come here whether you’re finding options for a security camera system for your residence or a smart one for commercial use.

The Lorex camera systems offer various varieties from lower resolution up to a 4k quality. The night vision is super clear and offers sharp colours. Various customization options provide a comfortable experience.

It’s weather-resistant and challenging, be it snow or rain. Security systems are a waste if the body isn’t tough enough. But lorex systems have a hard and resistant body, though a little bulky.

The sensors are excellent and quick. If you check out individual Lorex security camera system reviews, the maximum rating is for the ease of use.

So if you think keeping track of recordings and customizing systems to your comfort is a lengthy process, you’re wrong. It has smart features and comes in both NVR and DVR settings.

Since there is much variety, you need to search up and select the specs that suit you. After all, it makes no sense to buy a commercial system for indoor use.

This article provides you with all the necessary details you need to know to buy the best lorex camera system. To help you opt-out the best security camera system, below are the top 8 picks.

These security cameras offer you features that are long-lasting and reliable. From a low-light performance to accurate motion detection, Lorex Cameras offer you everything on a small budget!

Highly rated picks – Top 8

Lorex Smart 4K UHD Security System
(Editor’s Choice)
4K Smart active deterrence cameras
Lorex 4K Ultra HD Wired Security Cameras SystemDeterrence Mechanisms, 2 way talk
Lorex Home Wired Surveillance Security SystemAlexa and Google Assistant Voice Control
Lorex Weatherproof Wired Security SystemAlexa and Google Assistant Voice Control
Lorex 4K Ultra HD Weatherproof Security SystemAdvanced Motion Detection
Lorex Weatherproof Ultra HD Cameras Security SystemLorex CIRRUS App compatible Listen-in Audio
Lorex Weatherproof Home Surveillance Security System130 FT Ninght Vision, Lorex cloud app compatible
Lorex 4K HD Security CamerasEach 1080p camera has 90-degrees of view


1.  Lorex Smart 4K UHD Active Deterrence Indoor/Outdoor Security System

Lorex Smart 4K UHD Active Deterrence Indoor/Outdoor Security SystemThis Lorex camera is of a 4k resolution which means advanced clarity and pure recordings even at night.

Ultra HD also requires the memory of its type, and this system offers precisely that 2TB of internal memory is pretty much all for an extended period. Its night vision is extraordinary; you can expect a clear and bright image for up to 150 feet.

The Lorex Security camera system reviews for this model mainly admire outstanding motion detection. It has a motion detection system that recognises vehicles and human movement in an instant.

So the whole activity can stay insight, and you can monitor you every happening. There are hardly any irritating and unnecessary push notifications.

The system uses RapidRecap technology for motion detection. The smart performance of this eight-channel system offers simply beyond its price.

It is an active deterrence security system that activates a siren for warning. It provides not only security for you but a sign for the threat to minimise danger.

It has a two-way audio system through which you can also talk to someone on the door! A two-way audio system acts as a multipurpose feature. Hence, you definitely shouldn’t miss this one.

It is an NVR type system with speedy recording and transmission of data. This system also has a warning light on detecting a vehicle in sight.

This IP67 weatherproof system is a luxury for your office and home both. The infrared LED lights offered are quick and intelligent. If you still haven’t made your mind give a read to the buying guide below. When you come back, you’ll make a purchase!

  • Weatherproof
  • Best motion detection
  • Smart features
  • Much weight



2.  Lorex 4K Ultra HD Wired Security Cameras System

Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System, HD Active Deterrence Wired Security CamerasThis pack has six cameras exceeding all your requirements. It has an active deterrence security system feature. This feature is offered by many, but this system provides two different mechanisms for this purpose.

One is the usual triggering of LED lights or siren when a motion is detected. This offers as an amazing warning feature very few brands offer. Apart from this alarm, there is a remotely triggered alarm that works in a slightly different manner.

The Lorex Security Camera system reviews for this model are that its artificial intelligence features and unique sensors offer the best value for its money.

It has a built-in mic and a two-way audio system. Though there are some negative reviews relating to the audio system, that only has minor volume issues.

It has cloud compatibility for ease in storage and accessing data. It has a memory of 2 TB hard drive, which gives you additional benefits apart from cloud storage. With a 4k quality, the ultra comprehensive 130 feet field view isn’t just ideal but extraordinary.

This IP66 rated system is durable and weather resistant. The body can withstand up to 60-degree temperature. This is more than average and is ideal for hot climate areas. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this device acts as a reliable guard for your residence.

You can peacefully sleep if you’re outside the city while your family sleeps at home. You can keep track of everything using google assistant and customise the system as per your will.

Because of the affordable price for such features, this is the best cheap Lorex security system.

  • Active deterrence security
  • Dual alarm mechanisms
  • weather resistant
  • Big field view
  • The poor audio result after much usage



3.  Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Home Wired Surveillance Security System

Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Home Wired Surveillance Security SystemThis one’s a highly weatherproof camera with near to none durability issues. You can expect this IP67 rated system to work just fine whether it’s above 50 degrees outside or snowing. The body is robust, resistant and highly durable.

The camera has a hard and heavy body which lasts for long. Even though the lorex security camera system reviews say they’re bit heavy and weighty, in reality, they’re the strong ones.

It is easy and flexible in use, just like most Lorex cameras are. You can use it with the Lorex app, which is available free on mobile phones.

Other than that, you can also use voice assistants like Alexa or Google assistant service for further customisation. With smart heat and motion sensors, motion detection is highly reliable.

This trustworthy guard for your property has an advanced detection motion. It reduces false alerts like moving a bug or animal and provides you with an intelligent experience.

The best part about this one is that you can adjust it on the ceiling or the wall. A perfect fit for cornered places to hide from burglars or thieves, so you catch them in an instant. It has an ultra HD resolution with the highest memory drive any other system offers (i.e. 3TB).

This much of a memory coupled with free cloud storage, makes this device the best option you can choose.

It has an 88-degree wide-angle to keep track of activity from a more comprehensive eye. This much of a wide-angle with a 4k camera is undoubtedly the perfect option to invest in.

This is the best lorex camera system for your residence and office both. The night vision is outstanding and works with clarity. The camera aperture is ideal, and the system covers up to 130 feet in night light. This is a figure hardly any camera covers at dim light settings.

  • Good night vision
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Weather-resistant
  • Installation issues



4.  Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wired 4K Ultra HD Security System

Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Wired 4K Ultra HD Security SystemThis Lorex long-range system is the biggest set offered on the top 5 list of this page. It has a reliable, weatherproof system and lasts longer in different weather conditions.

Lorex products have healthy and durable hardware. Therefore; durability is one big star in the lorex security camera system reviews.

While it snows in the coldest winter nights, you won’t see the performance decline in the hottest summer days. The temperatures that the system can handle range from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to a max of 140-degree Fahrenheit.

It is perfect as an outdoor device for commercial properties and sites that have shaky climate conditions.

You can not miss this 4k camera after knowing all the specs in such detail. The video quality is superb with a nearly perfect 1080p. It has a 120 feet coverage which is quite a long-range.

You will get similar cameras for higher prices with a mere range of 70 feet. Compare these specs to the market, and you’ll not let this eight-channel 4k gem go. Even in pitch dark, you can expect a vision of up to 82 feet.

This lorex security camera system 4k offers a colour night vision with remote viewing capabilities. There is much room for customisation. Lorex cameras offer ranges or “zones” to reduce false notifications and alerts.

You decide whether the signals are unnecessary and the system will halt the rest of the signs. Perfect for all the over-concerned dads and busy business people out there!

This system is a perfect weatherproof IP67 rated guard. It has an internal memory of 1 TB, which is equivalent to 500 hours of a video.

This means you don’t have to worry about backup or extensions to the system for a long time. With Amazon Alexa and google assistant support, the lorex security camera system reviews drool over this considerable pack.

  • Customised alerts system
  • Long-range vision
  • Great weather resistance capabilities
  • No mount or ceiling options



5.  Lorex 4K Ultra HD Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Security System

Lorex 4K HD Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Security System, 4 x 4K Ultra HD Bullet CamerasThis set of security cameras has some unique features. The lorex security camera system reviews for the device are noted the highest. It is a 4k UHD result camera system which you can operate through your TV, smartphone, tablet.

It has a superior and durable design. You can use it for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

It has an infrared LED light system which shifts automatically to black and white light when needed. The result is super-clear and detailed. It has a night vision that gives you un-grainy videos with just as much clarity as daytime.

Colour night vision provides full-colour videos even at night. This system is equipped with an IR night vision. You will gain the best value for your money if this is your final option out of our list.

This lorex security camera system 4k has 150 feet long-range vision. This means you can see farther distances, even in nightlight. It has a system of remote triggered alarm/siren which can scare trespassers away.

Additionally, it has a warning light that is connected to the motion detection sensors of the system.

It supports  DVR and offers a memory of 2 TB. This memory amount is ideal for a 4k camera to mark one of the best cheap Lorex security cameras.

The key feature is the weatherproof body and system, making it more durable than any other option on the list. You can install it outdoors with no fear of damage from rain, snow or wind.

The super-easy installation process is something rarely found in Lorex cameras. Usually, the best lorex security camera system models have a lengthy and DIY installation procedure.

This factor drives a lot of customers away from Lorex systems. However. This analogue HD security camera has a straightforward installation process.

  • Easy installation
  • Long-range
  • Good design
  • Less professional monitoring in lorex



6.  Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Ultra HD IP Audio Bullet Cameras Security System

Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Security System 8 x 4K Ultra HD IP Audio Bullet CamerasThis IP66 model of the best lorex camera system has complete prevention from the consequences of weather change.

It has a temperature tolerance range from -22 degree to 140-degree Fahrenheit. It has the same proficient result weather used for indoor or outdoor security purposes.

This has an excellent IP audio result along with a built-in microphone. This is the best lorex camera system for maintaining security.

A camera covering a long distance of 130ft and an IR night vision is all you need as a reliable mechanism. Provided with an active connection with Lorex Cirrus makes it easier and quicker to be tracked.

The QR code acts as a pathway for connecting this camera to your phone.

The camera comes with no restrictions on monitoring locations and can be easily tracked within minutes. An excellent zooming capability is making recognition easier and more transparent.

The camera lens has a 93-degree wide-angle. The device can be used for keeping an eye on a great area.

An 8 MP image sensor gives a sensitive detection; this is all you need for reliable motion detection. This NVR is equipped with a 2TB hard drive. It comes with a PoE port for ethernet connectivity. This is the best lorex security camera system 4k.

  • Good audio
  • Good memory
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Weather resistance capabilities
  • Occasional false notifications



7.  Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Home Surveillance Security System

Lorex Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Home Surveillance Security System, 8MP Ultra HD IP Bullet CamerasThis product is a mid-range NVR security camera. It is the best lorex security camera system if you’re buying for the safety of your residence. It has a 4k quality resolution and is very much user-friendly.

It’s super easy to use. Most of the comments under Lorex security camera system reviews highlight the ease with installation and control options. It is an eight-channel system that fulfils all your needs of a high-tech security guard.

This Lorex IP bullet camera is affordable, cheap, and surveillance that no other system of this grade can offer. With a 6 feet CAT5e cable, you can connect Ethernet for power.

Undoubtedly the best cheap Lorex security camera with high quality and standard. It has an extended range of view, up to 130 ft even in night light.

The lens has an 88-degree field view, so you never miss anything in sight. You don’t have to look for a place near the street light to fit this camera.

This system’s weather resistance abilities are a bit low-scale, which means we won’t recommend this one for harsh weather areas. It can endure temperatures of 30-60 degree celsius, which is a pretty moderate limit.

Even with the mediocre figures relating to weather resistance capabilities, it has an IP66 rating. Hence, you can undoubtedly rely on the supreme hardware quality of this Lorex security camera system 4k.

  • Good field view
  • Lorex Cloud app compatible
  • Cheap Lorex security system
  • Not so good at weather resistance



8.  Lorex 4K 8 Channel 2TB DVR with HD Security Cameras

Lorex 4K 8 Channel 2TB DVR with eight 1080P Security CamerasThis is the best lorex security camera system 4k with a digital video surveillance recorder. This is undoubtedly a rare feature to offer at this price.

The critical part provided here is live stream availability. Very few cameras overall in the market are compatible with this level of data transmission.

It is a cheap Lorex security camera if you compare it to the price range. The security-grade hard drive has a 2 TB memory, up to 500 hours of recorded videos!

The night vision is impressive with 150 feet in daylight and 100 ft even in the pitch dark at night. So you can never miss if someone passes your territory with the wrong intentions.

It has a field view of 90 degrees, which is typical for an indoor purpose or your residence. You can easily track happenings on the go while your kids are home. This cheap Lorex security camera has a lorex cloud connectivity for storage and backup.

If you’re looking for a mid-range device to guard your possessions, but the budget is short, this is a particular choice!

Connect your android or smartphone with the QR code, and you’re good to go. It also has impressive weather resistance capabilities and can endure up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the lorex security camera system reviews for the hardware, and you’ll know what a gem this pack is. It is also essential to compare specs with a research guide while choosing the best lorex camera system.

Therefore, you’re provided with a guide below, so you never make a purchase that gives you a loss.

  • Good mid-range device
  • Affordable
  • Best night light
  • No mechanism to stop false notifications


The Substantial components to look at – Buying Guide.

Motion detection:

Sensors and motion detection are critical features of any security system. They make it more reliable and user friendly. All the alerts or warning options are dependent on the sensor system of a security camera.

Lorex security cameras have a highly efficient motion detection system that identifies vehicles and people’s insight. A sound motion detection system recognises the more significant and more critical movements and activities.

Artificial intelligence capabilities are a crucial factor in a motion detection system. Along with motion detection comes active deterrence mechanisms.

Look for these features when you’re selecting any security camera. Active deterrence means there would be some sort of warning signs or alert sirens that switch with some danger movement insight.

Night vision:

Night vision means how clearly and effectively a camera can view at night. The results of many 4k cameras are fantastic in daylight, but the nightlight is usually inefficient and colourless.

Look for a security system that offers you a colour night vision with videos that aren’t grainy and unclear. This is one of the key features for which the lorex security camera system reviews are so high.

The ideal distance that a nice security camera should cover at night is up to 100 feet. If you go lower than that, a nice night vision with an 80 feet view is fine.

However, lorex security cameras offer up to 150 feet of long-range view. Night vision, range, wide-angle and colour recording are four main components when selecting a security camera.


The memory requirements for low-resolution cameras are not too much. However, for 1080p or 4k, the limit should be a bit high.

Most 4k camera security systems offer around 1 TB of internal memory that fulfils most needs. However, there are systems with larger hard drives, up to 3TB.

You must look for the Lorex camera security system reviews for this purpose since many cameras do not offer internal storage at all. Instead, they offer cloud compatibility or a microSD space to make up.

The difference is that internal storage is less costly, giving you everything in a package. Hence, at least for some time in the early use of the system, you are at ease.

You don’t have to find someone for the installation process and look for the right microSD card.

What we recommend in this matter is a system with internal memory and external sources both. Since we never know, especially with a 4k, cloud compatibility is the most acceptable option when we run out of storage.

A micro SD slot should also be present since not everyone is comfortable with using cloud backups.

3TB of a hard drive is sometimes an overkill, while you can efficiently work with lower than that. So why spend more money just for a store that has several alternatives? Most Lorex security camera systems offer both internal memory and cloud compatibility.


Durability and product quality is something you should never compromise. Whether you’re buying a low-cost indoor use security system or an outdoor commercial device, always choose quality over quantity.

The camera system’s body and material should be challenging and resistant to any sort of harsh weather.

Weatherproof systems are a vital area. Lorex systems specialise in. Your system should always remain intact in the rain or snow in the hottest of summers and coldest winter nights.

Check the rating of the weatherproof technology and make sure you have the best value for your money. After all, you’re not setting up the whole system in your residence just to replace it the next monsoon!

Every feature that enhances the capability of your security cameras is present in the Lorex systems. When you’re choosing out of a hundred options on the online stores, Lorex will inevitably come top on the list.

Because of its heavy and robust body, extraordinary motion detection and alert mechanisms, Lorex cameras are the toppers. If you’re hoping for a reliable and safe system to guard your property and possessions, make no delay in the purchase.

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