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How To Keep Security Camera Lens From Fogging Up?

How To Keep Security Camera Lens From Fogging Up?
Installing a security camera outside your residence has numerous benefits. It keeps you safe and protected and records all the activities taking place outside your residence. But a security camera requires as much attention as any other digital device.

They can get hacked, and their hardware can also get rusty, affecting the camera’s performance. Security cameras are pricey gadgets, and we must be careful about them. One main problem regarding these cameras is their lens getting fogged up. Different weather conditions affect the camera differently, so sometimes the camera lens gets fogged.

Lens gets fogged for two main reasons; the temperature difference between the camera and the environment and humidity. Fog accumulates on the warm side of the camera lens. For instance, there is often fog on the outside of the camera lens on summer mornings. so, Best 4K Camera For Film Making are rare these days to check.

If you have a security camera and want to learn about fogged lenses and how to get rid of them, keep reading this article as we are going to share some tips that can help you get rid of a fogged lens. Condensation of camera lens results in blurred recordings and images, which makes it challenging to recognize the faces and other important details.

The capturing ability of the lens goes down due to this condensation, and it also damages the camera in the long run. So it is better if you learn a few techniques to take better care of your security camera.

Invest in Weatherproof Security Cameras

Many manufacturers these days are coming up with new models of security cameras which are weatherproof. These cameras are beneficial if you are going to install them outdoors. The IP of the security camera is crucial in identifying whether the camera is weatherproof or not.

The IP of security cameras that are IP65 or higher, provide exceptional safety to the camera lens and protect dust and moisture from entering the camera. You can look for companies or ask the retailers if they have weatherproof security cameras.

Furthermore, if you plan to buy a weatherproof security camera online, you can search for these cameras by their specifications.

Keep an eye on Camera Temperature

Regularly checking your camera’s temperature and humidity is very vital for the proper functioning of your camera. This is a critical point if you live in cold regions or high altitude areas.

It is also essential to know if your camera is suitable for indoors or outdoors while purchasing it. Because outdoor cameras have an IP65 weatherproof rating or even higher, the humidity does not damage them.

Be Careful While Purchasing

When buying a security camera, please buy it from a trusted brand that you trust personally. If you are buying online, check the customer’s reviews because these are often honest and reflect a company’s credibility.

Choose a brand with good customer service and expert technicians if you have to contact them to replace or fix your fogged up security camera.

Camera’s Housing

Security cameras that have varifocal lenses have changeable focus and magnification powers. If you have such a camera, then it is easier to adjust the lens.

But there are still chances of humidity getting inside the housing of the camera during the installation process. However, the lens is still fogged if the housing is kept open for a long time, especially when the camera is working.

You can also save your camera lens from fogging up by using a security camera with a monitored lens. This way user can adjust the varifocal lens without opening the camera housing.


The location where you get your camera installed is also essential. Do not install the camera anywhere, even if it is weatherproof. Choose a protective spot where it will be less exposed to harsh weather or direct sunlight, so there are few chances of the camera lens getting fogged.

Anti-fog Spray

Another method to protect your security camera from fogging up is to spray a layer on the anti-fog spray. It would help if you sprayed this on the outer lens of the camera. This is a tried and tested technique and easy to do.

Silica Gel

Placing a silica gel packet inside the security camera can remove moisture. Desiccants or silica gel are hygroscopic and absorb moisture from their surroundings. This, in turn, protects your camera from fogging up.

Waterproof Box

A very pocket-friendly technique to avoid fogging of security cameras is to use waterproof boxes. These are very helpful in dealing with the condensation of CCTV camera lenses. This is very helpful if you live in a region of heavy rainfalls and storms.

If you are using such a box, don’t forget the ventilation. You can keep your camera and box protected by drilling a hole in the box and using water-resistant materials to cover the hole.

Wipe off the moisture

Another way to remove the fog is to take off the camera dome, remove the dome and wipe off the condensation. But do this exercise when you have brought the camera indoors.

Do not remove the outer lens cover outdoors because dust or any other particles can enter the lens, and it would be complicated to remove those.

The best way to remove the moisture is to use a hairdryer or a micro-fibre cloth, as these work effectively. Once you have used either of these, there is no moisture left in the CCTV camera dome.

After cleaning the lens, re-seal the camera while you are still indoors. Press the foam ring against the glass firmly and use waterproof gel on all the gaskets and seals.

Installation of Blowers

You can also add blowers or heaters to outdoor security cameras in addition to silica gels and water desiccants. But these require much effort and expertise, so if you want to try this, you might need professional help.

You can also contact customer support if you are facing a condensation problem,  as they provide professional help. The customer support team will also assist you in how to avoid these problems in the future.

CCTV cameras getting fogged looks like a big problem, but you can always tackle it with a bit of attention and intelligent work. We are hopeful this article will be of help to you. Thank you for reading!

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