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How To Check If Your Security Camera Is Hacked?

Security cameras are installed at homes, offices, and other places for security purposes and to keep that place safe from any kind of criminal activity or mishap. But getting a security camera installed outside a building is not enough. You have to regularly check if it is working properly and has not run out of storage.

Most importantly, you also need to keep an eye on whether your security camera has been hacked or not. If you are also concerned about the safety and security of your place and want to see if your security camera has been hacked or not, keep reading this article because we are going to give you some tips regarding this issue.

How To Check If Your Security Camera Is Hacked?

Voices from IP Camera

It is not easy to find out if your security camera has been hacked but by paying attention, you can find it out. For example, if you can hear a voice coming from your security camera, it only means it has been hacked.

You should not doubt your camera getting hacked. Once you are sure about hearing voices from your IP camera, you should not waste time and act swiftly because someone might be spying on you through your hacked security camera.


Abnormal rotation of your Security Camera

You should be aware of the movement of your security camera once you get it installed. Usually, its rotation and all movements are configured, but if your camera starts moving in a different direction or tracks your movements differently, there are chances that it has gotten hacked. Normally, GW security cameras are secure than any normal Security cameras.

Panning, rotation, and tilts of security cameras give away if the camera is hacked. This is rather easy to find because the movement is abnormal, and the camera often moves suddenly and unexpectedly.


Modification of Other Security Settings

When you get a security camera installed, you modify its settings according to your preference. So by keeping an eye on the settings you can also find out if your camera has been tampered with.

Review the security settings and see if you can find any abnormality, or any setting which has been altered, as this is the clear indication of a security camera getting hacked.

Whenever a person hacks a security camera, he leaves some information behind. You can find this information easily. You just have to look out of the ordinary things.

Sometimes the hacker even changes the camera names so the user gets confused, but it also helps you get to the base of the problem.


Look for Flashing LED Light

By monitoring the LED light, you can find out if your security camera has been hacked. If the LED light of your security camera flashes randomly, it means that the camera has been hacked. The fluttering of LED lights is a clear indicator of your security camera being hacked.


Data Traffic

You can tell if your security camera has been hacked by noticing an increase in data traffic. A fair amount of data is required to access a live feed from a camera, so it is also an indication that your camera has been hacked.

You can also determine if your camera is being tampered with by using your router’s monitoring and advanced security features to keep a track of spikes in your data consumption.


Login History

As we said before that whenever a hacker hacks into a system, he leaves some information behind which can be used to track him. Similar is the case for security cameras. When a user logs into the software of a security system, he leaves a trail behind.

That trail can be used to find out later if the login was normal or did someone else do it. Most of the home security cameras have a historical session log option which can help you identify and unauthorized access.


Changed Password

Setting up a security camera, you are required to set a password for your system. This password is unique and only you know it. You can access your security system by using this unique password.

But when you try to log in using the same password but fail to, it is a sign that your security system has been hacked, and someone else has altered the password which is why you are unable to access it.

Many companies make their users change their passwords every few months and it is also for security purposes so the system does not get hacked. They also keep an option for a suspicious password reset.

Your security system getting hacked is none of your faults and in this era of technology, no system is impervious to a cyber attack.

However, there are certain preventive measures you can adopt to avoid such mishaps. These include:


Advanced Encryption Security Cameras

Many companies these days are manufacturing security cameras which are a part of professionally monitored security systems and provide end-to-end encryption. Advanced encryption and other security features deter away hackers and keep your system intact.


Change your Passwords

Frequently changing your security system passwords has also proven to be a great technique in keeping hackers at bay.


Antivirus Software

You can add a protective layer between your internet connection and all internet devices by installing a firewall. It might need professional help because it is very difficult to do for a newbie.

Firewall will protect your system from getting hacked along with antivirus software eradicating viruses from your system including the online security cameras hacking software.


Two Factor Authentication

If you have an advanced security camera system that has a two-factor authentication system, set it up as it works as an additional layer of security.

The camera manufacturing company sends you a passcode that can be used only once, and you receive this code via text message, call, or email.

You can also use an authentication app that can be used in addition to your password and username while logging into the account.

The best part of two-factor authentication is that even if hackers crack your password, they would not be able to access your camera because of the protective passcode.

We are hopeful this guide will help you identify if your security camera has been hacked. Thank you for reading this!

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