Top 14 Best 4K Security Camera System 2023 Reviews

Top 14 Best 4K Security Camera System 2020 ReviewsI have brought a security guard who works for me 24/7 without taking any salary.


How can a person work for 24/7? And wait! Even without taking any salary?

You must be thinking that I am kidding right now? Well, what I am saying is absolutely true, and guys can also have that security guard too.

The name of my personal security guard who works for me 24/7 is my 4k security camera!

My 4k security camera protects my home, office and my other precious places from all kinds of unwanted entities.

These cameras give you best the surveillance system and work like your 3rd eye which is open all the time.

Even if any unfortunate incident takes place, these cameras will give the clear cut prove and you will be able to reclaim, what is already yours.

Whether it is your home, office, or anywhere else. Having a security camera has become a basic need.

And don’t you worry about where to find these cameras. Just for you, we have review the best 4k security cameras.

Read their description and amazing feature, it will help you in finding the most suited security camera for you.


Top 14 Best 4K Security Camera System 2023 Reviews


Arlo Technologies Ultra - 4K UHView, 2-way Audio Camera

(Editor’s Choice)
Serene Life Indoor IP Camera - HD 720P Network Security Surveillance Home Monitoring
HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Security Camera
Google, NC1104US, Nest Cam Indoor, Security Camera
Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, Wired Surveillance 4K Ultra HD Camera
Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera with Night Vision
Arlo Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Add-on Camera
COOAU 4MP HD Home Security Camera
Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera UltraHD
XVIM 8CH 720P Video Security Camera DVR System, 4 HD Cameras
Reolink 16CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System
SMONET 5MP Security Camera System, 5-in-1 Home Security Camera Systems
Revo America Ultra 16Ch. 4TB HDD 4K IP NVR Security System
GW Security AutoFocus 4K (8MP) IP Camera System


1. Arlo Technologies Ultra – 4K UHView, 2-way Audio


Arlo Technologies Ultra - 4K UHView, 2-way AudioThe Arlo always brings new features in their products and this is what makes them among the best 4k security camera making companies.

The new Arlo ultra-4k UHview is a wire-free security camera, which makes its structure unique and brings a new revolution in the camera’s industry.

The wire-free cameras communicate with the external world wirelessly and their installations are also quite easy.

If you look at its design, it will give you a modern touch, with a rounded shape, having a smooth touch and best suited for your walls.

When we look at its features, there is a 1 * ultra-smart hub receiver, with a 2*4k camera. It will give you a 180-degree view.

The 2-way audio, noise-canceling tech, gives you clear audio despite air and wind pressure. And with the integrated spotlights, it will light up the night and you can easily catch unwanted intruders.

By enhancing the night vision, it allows you to see at night, even in black and white at night. There are an auto-zoom and tracking system on moving objects.
The outer structure or this camera is specially built for surviving in harsh conditions like rain, heavy wind or high temperature.

You can operate it through the Apple watch, Google home hub, and Amazon Alexa. With its ability to create custom activity zones, you can monitor it from anywhere.

The camera comes with a warranty of one year, while there is an Arlo smart premium service of 30-day cloud recording of up to 10 cameras.


  • Wireless in nature.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Custom monitor zones.
  • 2-way audio system.
  • Easy installation set-up.
  • It comes with only 2 cameras.
  • A bit expensive.
The wireless technology allows you to easily fit your security camera without any hesitation of wires.

And when a company like the Arlo making such a product, you can easily see the level of that product.

The Arlo 4k wireless camera has ticked most of the boxes to become the best 4k security camera 2019.



2. Serene Life Indoor IP Camera -Top Rated

Serene Life Indoor IP Camera - HD 720P Network Security Surveillance Home MonitoringThe Serene Life indoor camera has some fantastic features that we usually don’t find in other security cameras. The serene life gives you the simplest and easiest WIFI setup.

Just put the wireless camera on your wall and with one click, after login, you will be granted all the access to your camera. Whether you’re at home or anywhere else.

You can monitor it from Mac pc setup, iPhone, android mobile phone, without any extra charges. You can add up to 64g micro SD card and start recording.

There are different moods like-24 hour mode, motion detection or scheduled recording to start surveillance at a specific time of the day or even week.

When the CD card is full, your videos will be saved in ‘’cloud box’’. It can save up to 180 days of videos. The two-way audio allows you to record the videos and speak to anyone one else at the same time.

The microphone and speakers can work simultaneously with a good quality of voice: you don’t find this feature in other cameras. When it comes to night vision, the IR LEDs allow you to view and record video in full darkness.
And if you want to record-out a window, simply prevent glare with the manual option and disable the night vision or leave on automatic and the camera will switch on only in low light setting.

And with the 720p picture, you will get a crystal clear display. The configurable picture assures that you get a sharp and crisp image, both at day and night.

You can adjust the wireless camera PTZ pan tilt and digital zoom as well. This one is most suitable for both, your home and your business.


  • The night vision is excellent.
  • Sharp image quality.
  • A special feature of cloud box.
  • Operate from anywhere.
  • The WiFi range is small.
  • Home integration is not very smart.

The best 4k camera system reviews help you in finding the most suited camera for your home and office.

This indoor camera is quite cheap and affordable. And with its few unique features, it can become a handy product with much less money. Read its reviews and decide for your own sake.



3. HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Security Camera


HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Rechargeable Battery-Powered Security CameraThe best thing about the Heimvision products is that they have so many amazing features in just one camera. Let’s start with its long-lasting and rechargeable battery of 500mah.

It can easily be used up to 2-5 months, so don’t you worry about charging it again and again. One noticeable thing is, try to charge it completely, before using it the first time.

The battery is wireless and with its easy-installation method, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to start the setup without using any tools.

Which makes it the best 4k security camera for outdoors. There is also a magnetic bracket screw And double-sided adhesive tape, which allows you to install it anywhere you want.

The best thing about this camera is that it is wireless and cordless. And when your indoor/outdoor camera is wireless, it helps you, while you’re setting it up.

And when it comes to the quality of the picture, this camera gives you a high quality of recording with a 1080p HD image.

You can even watch this recording in real-time on your smartphone, through the mobile app ‘’cloud Edge’’.

There is a two-way audio talk, so you can easily record all the conversation and there is a 130-degree wide view angle is well.
It also has a motion detector and it can inform you of your mobile, whenever it detects any motion. The camera is specially designed to survive the harsh external weather, which makes it long-lasting, physically.

There is a two-way storage is a system either in CD card or in cloud box: which is paid. It equipped with night vision as well with advance PIR motion detector.

This camera is highly Affective at night and can detect motion under 10m or 32ft. You can insert a micro CD card up to 128GB.


  • Wireless in nature.
  • Easy installation method.
  • The night vision is excellent.
  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • Compatible with 2.4G WIFI router only.
  • No built-in cloud box.

The long-lasting battery and wireless service of this camera make it among the best 4k security camera system.

With an absolutely simple installation method, it will save your time and you can insert this camera at your home or office easily.



4. Google, NC1104US, Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Review


Google, NC1104US, Nest Cam Indoor, Security Camera, BlackAfter taking over the Nest, The google has started making some amazing indoor and outdoor cameras, and this one is among them.

If you’re looking for the best 4k security camera for home, then you should consider this one. The first glance at this product will give an aesthetic attraction.

The metallic base has a gunmetal finish, while the camera itself is made of shiny black plastic. It is quite small in size and comes with a rubber backing and a magnetic base.

The base will help in standing up, on a wall, or using a tripod. There are white color USB cord and adaptor at the backside of the camera.

This camera has this unique ability to record for 24/7 continuously. As a battery camera, it is quite a remarkable feat to achieve.

When we look at its major features, there is a 1080p HD video display for clear video experience. You can easily operate the recording with the Nest mobile app 24/7.

There is a ‘’person alert’’ mode in this camera if anyone invades your territory, the camera will immediately inform you, through the mobile app.
With plug-in batteries, you don’t have to worry about the dead battery. There is a 30-day cloud storage that comes with this camera.

The built-in speakers and mic help you in communicating with the person sitting inside the room. You can set the activity zone in some special places of your home like doors, crib, windows.

This camera is most suited for small places, like a single room or a particular area of your home. And with its high-quality video recording, it can serve you best on its potential.


  • Beautiful exterior structure.
  • Quality speaker and mic.
  • It Can work 24/7.
  • Small stature takes less place.
  • Not suited for large areas.
  • Plastic covering makes it venerable.

The Nest is quite famous for both, its indoor and outdoor cameras.

And the quality of their product is undoubtedly very high.

This product is specially made for a single room or small places. Which makes it the best 4k security camera for home.

So, if you’re looking for a small security camera, try using this one.



5. Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, 4K Ultra HD Camera


Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, Wired Surveillance 4K Ultra HD CameraThe Swann 8 channel 4 camera security system is a wired surveillance camera that can protect your home, office or any other suspicious location.

The Swann make both indoor/outdoor cameras and this one specially constructed for both type of surveillance. The outer construction is designed to survive any sort of rain, snow, or heat.

The 4k Ultra HD camera and 8 channel surveillance allow you to not only see clear images, but you can even see tattoos, logos and things like that, with its powerful close-up and ultra HD camera.

Every single NHD-885MSB has a large 93-degree view and the night vision range is almost 150ft in complete darkness.

In ambient light or low vision light, the range is almost 200ft. So, you will find no blind spot. And with 4 cameras and 8 surveillance channels, it covers a huge area.

This makes it the best 4k security camera for your money. And those who are tired of buying extra storage can save months of videos with its large 2TB hard drive with no extra charges.

You can enjoy the 24/7 surveillance of your home, office and other places without paying any extra coast. And you can upload footage to the cloud by linking your NVR with your dropbox account.

With its highly sensitive heat and sound detection system, it will immediately inform you about any unwanted activity.

Whether it is cars, people, it will start recording and send a notification to you is well. And with the Swann’s latest technology you can select any particular area and increase the level of security over there.

If any sort of moment happens, you will get the recording within a few minutes, so you can act accordingly.

This camera also has face detection and trigger recording systems to let you know, what’s happening. By installing the Swann security app, you can make the surveillance smarter.
It will help you in finding ways and locations. And by connecting it with your google assistant and chrome-cast, you can receive videos, push notification on your mobile.

The camera also have microphones, which is a plus point after having a clear video. The Swann security camera system comes with each and everything from mouse to cables and all other kinds of accessories.

The power of Ethernet makes it even easier to set-up. And with a one-year company warranty, you do not need to worry about anything.


  • 4 cameras cover a wide range.
  • 2TB hard drive.
  • 8 channel NVR surveillance.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • The microphone range is short.
  • Only compatible with google assistant.

The new Swann’s home security camera and surveillance is an excellent addition in the security camera industry.

The quality of their products is quite satisfying and after reading the above description, you should have got the idea of their camera quality.

Read the best 4k security camera review and then decide for yourself.



6. Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera with Night Vision


Zmodo Wireless Two-Way Audio HD Home Security Camera with Night VisionKeeping an eye on your precious places is a symbol or love and care. You do not want anyone to infiltrate in your private place.

So, whether you’re using a smartphone or any laptop or PC, with the Zmodo app you will be one click away from keeping an eye on your beloved home, or office.

The Zmodo wireless cameras give you 24/7 surveillance and you can check it on your smartphone. Even it will send you short clips of your place; whenever you want.

And with 2 way-audio, you can even speak with your family through the camera. The Zmodo cameras give you a wide range view of 115 degrees, so only one camera is enough to capture the entire room, without having pan or tilt.

There are black and white automatic infrared lights which help you in cleaning the image at night. The IR night vision also increases the quality of recording in low light conditions.

There is a 2-way audio camera with a built-in microphone, so you can speak with anyone through the Zmodo app and WIFI enabled.

The motion detectors send you the notification alert on your smartphone if it detects any unnecessary activity. You can even check for missed video moments through the playback system.

The 720p HD camera gives you a crystal clear picture with the high-resolution mini WIFI camera. You can operate your camera through mobile Zmodo app for IOS and Android or via an internet browser.
The Zmodo gives you a free 1-month cloud serves and 7-day cloud recording plan as well. The cloud serves do not require any extra credits and you can view save and share footage at any time.

This camera is most suited for indoor surveillance. The total weight of this product is 2 pounds. And with its wireless, WIFI enabled technology, you cannot ask for anything else.


  • Cheap and affordable.
  • No extra charges for the cloud.
  • Best for indoors.
  • Good quality camera.
  • Advance features are paid.
  • Not designed for outdoor surveillance.

The installation method of the Zmodo camera are quite simple, so as a newbie if you’re looking for a security camera. The Zmodo camera is also quite cheap price, so it will turn into a good deal if you buy this one.

This cheap and affordable 4k security camera is worth trying.



7. Arlo Ultra – 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Add-on Camera


Arlo Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Add-on CameraThe Arlo ultra-wire-free security camera is specially designed for both indoor/outdoor surveillance. And with its strong body, it can even survive in harsh weather.

It long-lasting ability put it among the best 4k security camera. There is a sharp 4k HDR zoom-in display, so you can see the objects clearly.

With its enhanced light vision, you can see videos in color, instead of black and white traditional video. The integrated spotlight is specially added to catch the unwanted guest within your territory.

A 180-degree wide range view allows you to see more through it. The auto image correction reduces the fisheye effect.

There is also a noise-canceling system, so you will get a crystal clear voice without any wind or air pressure. And with the 2-way audio system, you can easily speak to anyone on the other side.

Auto-zoom and autofocus technology will enable you to see the moving object clearly. It can work with the Amazon Alexa, apple home kit or google assistant.
You can even add on ultra-camera, which requires an ultra-smart hub. But you have to buy it separately. The battery is long-lasting and has a rechargeable system is well.

You can operate your camera with your mobile is well. And this camera comes with a 1-year warranty from the Arlo.


  • Weather-resistant.
  • Wireless-WIFI enabled.
  • Integrated night vision.
  • HDR sharp display.
  • Short-range motion detectors.
  • Installation is a bit hard.
The security cameras give a mental relief when you’re away from your home, office or any other precious place of yours.

They are like bodyguards, who will informs you about each and every incident take place at your site.

The Arlo security cameras are also quite compatible in nature and have all the tools for the protection of your place.

And the best 4k security camera review should have clear that thing.



8. COOAU 4MP HD Home Security Camera


COOAU 4MP HD Home Security CameraThere are some cameras which will surprise you with their so many amazing features and when such cameras are cheap and affordable, they become a blessing in disguise.

One such security camera is COOAU home security camera. This camera is equipped with 1/3 industrial CMOS image sensor with a 5-mega-pixel lens and 8-fold digital display technology.

Plus, there is a professional processing chip and smart H.264 coding technology. This technology gives you a better image and saturated details.

The 1296p or 1080p IP camera gives you the best possible visual impression, even with zoom picture or low bandwidth connection.

There is an advanced face detection technology, which can differentiate between humans and pets. So, you will get only relevant alerts.

With this, there is also an auto-motion detection technology, so you cannot miss any important recording.

This camera makes sure the 100% safety of your home, office or any other place, this is why it is among the top-rated 4k security camera.

Your data and videos will remain secure from any sort of hacking, with its anti-hacking technology. With COOAU’s high-tech anti-hacking system, no one will be able to hack your data.
The camera can be operated through android, IOS, Windows, OSX. And one account can be used by multiple users, and you can easily speak with your beloved ones from any place.

There are a built-in microphone and speaker with a unique ability of voice catching from 360 degrees. They call it Omni-detection voice pickup.

The mic is specially designed to cancel all the unwanted sound of wind, motor or anything else. It will help in communicating with those near the camera when you’re not at home.


  • It can be operated by multiple users.
  • The face detection system can differentiate between humans and pets.
  • 360-degree voice pickup.
  • The mic has a sound canceling system.
  • It can’t work with google’s assistant.
You will hardly find a security camera which is full of amazing feature and hardly any cons, with much low price.

We have reviewed the best 4k security camera, now, it’s up to you.



9. Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera UltraHD


Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera UltraHDThe Amcrest 4MP outdoor camera gives you a bigger better and brighter image quality with its ultra HD 4-mega-pixel with latest 1/3” 4-mega-pixel CMOS image sensor and chipset.

The pan-tilt-zoom feature with 12* optical motorized zoom and 16* digital zoom, so you can experience large close-up detail and 360-degree pan and 90 degrees tilt capturing.

When it comes to security, the Amcrest app keeps updating you from each and everything. You will get a notification on your smartphone or computer.

The PTZ POE+ camera records everything and store in your computer with 128 GB micro card. Or you can use Amcrest cloud as well.

This camera requires Amcrest 12v power supply in order to operate. This camera is highly durable in nature and it can survive under any kind of rain, wind pressure or anything else.

There is an innovative starlight technology and IR LEDs, so you can see at night up to 328ft even in low light. The Amcrest cloud store all of your footage and you can see it from anywhere, you can even check the previous recording as well.

And you will get 4 hours of free storage with its PTZ POE+ camera. The HTTPS and SSL encryption ensure the safety of your data, so you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your home or business.
Last but not least, you will get a one-year warranty from the Amcrest and lifetime support if anything happened to your security camera. With such a wide variety of features, the best 4k security camera under 500$ is not a bad deal.


  • Long-range of night vision camera.
  • Wide range image quality.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • It doesn’t have audio on the camera.
  • You have to buy an SD card separately.
The Amcrest camera makes life simpler and safer. With its latest technology and highly secured service camera system. The Amcrest has been among the top-rated 4k security camera.



10. XVIM 8CH 720P Video Security Camera DVR System, 4 HD Cameras

XVIM 8CH 720P Video Security Camera DVR System, 4 HD CamerasThe surveillance cameras are very important in terms of security and safety of your home or office.

They will provide you a moment of relief and comfort that someone reliable is watching over your precious place.

And if you do not want to invest a lot of money on buying a security camera, try to look for a cheap one. But at least have one.

The next product of XVIM is quite cheap and affordable, let’s go and check out its feature.

The security camera comes with a 4-PCS 720p and 1 MP camera setup. There is also a 24-PCS IR LED for night vision up to 85ft.

This security camera gives you motion detection recording and it can continuously work for more than 24/7.

You can also customize a particular area, where you have your concerns and raise the level of security over there.

With its 4 channels, you can see the live coverage of your camera on your TV or computer. The camera supports HDMI and VGA output, so you can attach your TV or monitor through it.
Or you can install the app and watch all the recording on your smartphone. The surprise package of this camera is its 4-in-1 DVR support of 1080P, TVI, CVI, AHD camera.

It will allow you to record 4 types of different recordings. But you have to buy the hard-drive separately. Install your own SATA 3.5 hard-drive and start recording.

There is a one year warranty for this camera, 30 days money-back guarantee. And 60 days replacement offer is well. Other than that, the company offers you professional lifetime tech support, whenever you want.


  • Cheap and affordable.
  • 4-in-1 recording system.
  • Support up to 4TB.
  • 24/7 day-night surveillance.
  • It does not come with a hard drive.
  • The night vision range is quite short.
This home surveillance camera has some decent features and it can prove to be a handy camera for a small place.

The range of this camera might not be that good, but with such a low price, this cheap and affordable security camera is better than not having a surveillance system.



11. Reolink 16CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System


Reolink 16CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera SystemWhenever we built a new house or start a new business, the first thing we want to do is to secure them. The 4k security cameras provide you that security and safety.

And the Reolink 16CH 5MP security camera system has all the important and advanced features to make your territory a safe zone. There is a 2560*1920 super HD detailed image and up to 100ft night vision video monitoring.

The pixels are 3,000,000 times better than 1080p, and 300% detailed than 720p. So, with such a high quality of resolution, you will get rid of any kind of blur or less detailed image.

There is a 60ft network cable from the video surveillance kit, so you can connect the security camera with the NVR ports. After that, you can check the security camera working with videos immediately via the HDMI monitor.

The method is as simple as analog camera kit. With such a high-quality camera, you do not have to worry about the loss of video.

Unlike the CCTV and DVR system, there is an IP camera system that will not be disturbed or destroyed by the cables. The digital signals will give you the real 5mp high-quality image with 300ft CAT6 Ethernet cables.

And even, you do not have to worry about the coaxial cable quality for DVR or analog camera, which will affect much on its image under 100ft.

There is a huge 3TB pre-installed HDD. So, it can record around 7 days and 24/7 videos with 8 cameras simultaneously without any overwriting.
And without opening the NVR casing, you can add one external 4TB via its e-SATA port. There is a Reolink app available on iPhone and Android. And you can operate all the videos from your smartphone, anytime anywhere.

The security system is expandable to work with a maximum of 16 Reolink POE. The 16 POE ports on the NVR video recorder.

Other than that, there are a fixed lens, autofocused, bullet, dome, 5mp, and 5mp camera. This security camera will not allow any unknown entity to enter in your zone.


  • Very high-quality video recording system.
  • 3TB hard drive.
  • 8 cameras to cover a large area.
  • Water-proof high-quality cables.
  • A touch expensive in price.
‘’Money brings the quality’’. The quotation is best suited for this camera.

With such a high quality of features and the latest technology, this is the best security camera that will provide surveillance to your place.

And after reading its description you should’ve got the idea that why this camera is the best 4k security camera for money.



12. SMONET 5MP Security Camera System, 5-in-1 Home Security Camera Systems


SMONET 5MP Security Camera System, 5-in-1 Home Security Camera SystemsThe Smonet is a company which is specialized in making security cameras. You will find each and every necessary feature and tool in their cameras.

And after reading the best 4k security camera system review, you will understand, why their cameras are known for their professionalism.

The installation method of this home security camera is simple and convenient. You can easily monitor and remote all the videos, just by downloading their app from google play store.

After that, you’ll be able to watch all the videos from anywhere anytime. The camera is 5mp and 5mp DVR. The security camera is recordable is well, with 2TB hard drive it can continuously record for 24/7.

And with automatic recording, you can even check the previous footage as well. If the original hard-drive is full, you can simply transfer all the data to any external USB or hard-drive.

There is a customize motion detection system that will let you know whenever it detects any motion. And with this customize service, you can raise the security level at a particular place is well.

The 5mp HD camera system will give you a clear image. And the night vision can see up to 100ft.

The monitoring is way better than the 720p/1080p/3mp. With 500% clear than 720p (1mp) 300% clear than 1080p (2mp).
In short, it will provide you the video of super high quality and you will be able to see each and every detail. It also supports the 4k system, you can connect it to your 4k TV monitor and enjoy the ultra-clear video.

Although it is only compatible with 5mp security camera. All cameras are specially designed for both indoors and outdoors.

The company will give you a 2-year warranty with free parts replacement. Other than that, their technical services are with you for life long. Whenever you need it.


  • 5mp high-resolution camera.
  • 2TB hard-drive.
  • Free parts replacement.
  • Attachment of cables can be a bit hard.
Have you ever seen a camera with such high image quality? If not, then, go and check the camera of this product.

For monitoring purposes, this security camera is highly recommended.

The surveillance system is excellent and it has all the rights to become the best 4k security camera system.



13. Revo America Ultra 16Ch. 4TB HDD 4K IP NVR Security System


Revo America Ultra 16Ch. 4TB HDD 4K IP NVR Security SystemThe Revo America-ultra assure you high-quality camera, simple and easy use, and powerful networking tools is well. There is 16 channel 4k IP NVR with built-in 16-rj45 POE ports and 4mp IP bullet camera (12 pcs, and 4 pcs).

The 4TB hard-drive is pre-installed and video surveillance grade HDD is also available. 100ft night vision with true WDR, audio 4k recording and 4k video. Which is only compatible with 4k monitors.

H.265 compression, smart alert via alarms and emails will let you know if it detects any unwanted or unnecessary movement. The software update system is very simple by using the cloud.

The monitoring system is also very simple, you just have to install the Revo app and by browser login, you will get all the reviews from the videos and you’ll be able to watch every recorded footage.

The company will give you all the necessary materials such as videos and manuals, so you will not face any difficulty during its installation.

Just follow the simple step and you will done the job easily. This camera comes with a 2-year warranty and free replacement of all the parts is well.
Even after that, you can have their services whenever they are required. This security camera is mostly used for outdoor surveillance and made to resist all kinds of harsh weather.


  • 4TB hard-drive.
  • The camera quality is excellent.
  • Exceptional audio and video quality.
  • Cables are hard to manage.
  • Very expensive in price.
The surveillance system of this camera is very professional and high-tech. so if you’re looking for the best 4k security camera for outdoor like your office or home with strong networking, you should’ve tried out this one.



14. GW Security AutoFocus 4K (8MP) IP Camera System


GW Security AutoFocus 4K (8MP) IP Camera SystemWith the set of 32 cameras, The GW Security Autofocus is designed to cover the whole building or all corners of your house. There is an 8-mega-pixel full HD real-time camera for recording with 32 channels.

The 12mm 4*  motorized optical zoom waterproof with 100ft IR night vision to give you a clear image at low night. The power of Ethernet gives you a simple and clean setup with a single cable system.

The advanced technology of H.265 video encoding support, that saves 50% less data and has reduce data-footprint, which give you extra space to save more videos.

Even with this reduce video data system, the quality of videos has totally preserved.

Download the app and with a simple QR code scan you will get the access in all the videos and you can watch the live streaming as well through your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or any other android device.

The 2.8-12mm manual zoom and 8mp HD lens allows you to adjust the angle of view. There are a pre-installed 8TB hard-drive and NVR support 8 SATA, up to 80TB hard-drive at most.
You also have the option to expand the storage. The company gives you 2-years of warranty and free lifetime tech support from the USA.


  • Set of 32 cameras.
  • 8TB hard-drive.
  • 8mp HD lens.
  • Excellent night vision.
  • Hard to adjust so many cables.
  • Very expensive.
If you’ve started a new business and want to cover all sides of your building then, with 32 cameras, the GW security camera would be ideal for you. With 32 channels and high image quality, we can easily call this the best 4k security camera.